MATERIAL WORLD, DOMUS n 889 February 2006

What are you?

A system for producing resistance based on  the screenprinting of PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) inks, which are electrically conductive, onto flexible film. The inks obtained by mixing pigments with conductive resins. The film is manufactured with polyester for applications involving temperatures from 30° to 130° C, and caption is used for temperatures up to 200°C.

What are you do?

I heat surfaces evenly, automatically switching off when the desired temperature is reached without the need for a thermostat.

Where can you be found ?

In various types of terrarium, in aquariums, flexible printed circuits, system for defrosting fridges, cup heaters for coffee machines, flexible resistances for household appliances, wax-heaters in epilation devices, paraffin-warmers

Where would you like to be?

Radiators that can be “printed” onto any surface… carpets that warm the room… self-heating outdoor forniture… transparent toasters… fold-up kettles… self-heating walls…burglary deterrent system

Who manufactures you?

Alper S.p.A. (Italy) : , Dupont (USA) : , Tekra (USA) , Parlex (USA)

Emanuele Ricci